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Quiyana Burt

Education Specialist

My Story

Quiyana Burt is a proud native of Birmingham, AL where she graduated from Miles College in 2009 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Music. While in college, Ms. Burt discovered her love for service through a small organization by the name of Gamma Delta Iota. Through this organization, Ms. Burt was able to organize her 1st sickle cell walk & scholarship banquet. 


After graduation, Ms. Burt unexpectedly began her career working with youth. Quiyana realized through this that she loved being a part of the growth & development of young people; therefore, deciding to complete her Master degree in Education from Concordia University. Ms. Burt has worked with youth as young as 6 months and as old as mid 20s. The turn of her career was when she decided to join AmeriCorps. Through AmeriCorps, Ms. Burt earned more than 1700 hours of community service while working with youth in high school and using community service to teach philanthropy and leadership. From there, Ms. Burt went back to her alma mater, Miles College and then to Lawson State Community College where she was able to work with young adults in SGA and student engagement. Ms. Burt also met Judge Agnes Chappell during this time frame, and began to work with and even run her campaign for judicial court. Judge Chappell won the 2nd election and lost the 1st election only by 200 votes. This relationship exposed Ms. Burt to civic engagement, where she was able to expose her students to civic engagement as well.


In the summer of 2019, Quiyana's career and journey in Birmingham Alabama came to an end as she went to Atlanta GA to work for Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. Ms. Burt was able to develop many skills that led her to her current employment at Community Teen Coalition. It was at this organization that all of the challenges, disappointments and difficulties of life began to make sense. Ms. Burt works with underserved youth of the Atlanta metro area, exposing them to college and careers that they normally would not have access to. In addition, Ms. Burt also works with youth (primarily teens) who are in the foster care system, offering mentoring services. Ms.Burt is able to insert all of her passion into her work as she serves this community of youth.


Ms. Burt's motto is "If not me, then who?". She has been proven in multiple situations that it was necessary and as she looks back over her life, it all makes sense. She was indeed made for this!

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